right, ok so, I always feel like i’m lying. I feel like I’m just saying I’m bi for attention or to feel included. I feel like all the times I have found girls cute or pretty I don’t mean it. other times, I feel bad for finding guys attractive because i feel like i need to prove something, i feel like I’m just lying to myself and to the friends who ive told that I’m bi. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. this is really stressing me out and making me confused.

continuation off of my last ask thingy… i just don’t know why i feel like I’m lying to myself. i know i like girls and guys. i know its okay to. what the fuck is wrong with me? sorry, just felt like ranting, I’m just not really sure what is going on with me. this blog has helped me quite a bit, so thank you for posting and stuff lol. th

This is probably internalised biphobia. All of these thoughts are. My hints & tips for dealing with it, is:

1. When you catch yourself thinking one of these things, counteract it with a statement. 

E.g. You think “I’m bi for attention”, counteract it with “Why would I go through all the trouble of coming out, the backlash and biphobia, why would anyone want to deal with this pain for attention I could have gotten from changing my hairstyle or something much much easier?”

You think “I don’t mean it when I think a girl is attractive”, say “What STRAIGHT person thinks about girls this much? What straight person has to CONVINCE themself they’re not into girls?”

When you worry that finding guys attractive and dating them will make people think you look less bi, see here. And remind yourself bi MEANS multiple genders. You’re perfectly allowed to like and show interest in more than one gender, because you’re bi, not gay.

2. Follow bi affirmation and positivity blogs

3. Vent to a friend and get support and affirmation from them that you’re Really bi…preferably another bi friend.