dailybiaffirmation: Mod applications are open!Provide the name you’d like to use, pronouns if you…


Mod applications are open!

Provide the name you’d like to use, pronouns if you wish, age, any relevant identities (orientation/gender etc), any previous experience and why you want to mod.

We will also NOT accept any of the following:

-Biphobes (well…DUH. If you’re working on some internalised biphobia still but recognise it for what it is, you’re fine of course! I just mean people who are actively biphobic n such)

-Aphobia (discrimination against aces/aros)

-Transphobia/T£RFs and exorsexists (discrimination against NB people)

-Racists, anti-semitics/islamophobes…anything along those lines.

We’re looking for 1-2 mods 😀

I should clarify, please send in a submission or ask (not anon) with your application and myself and Elena will look through them in the not too distant future 🙂