Hi, so I had a moment tonight with a friend at her friends house. I consider myself a bialterous, but I’ve never felt sexual attraction to other girls. But I kinda had a moment tonight where my friend’s friend was someone I could imagine kissing, and apparently she’s super “shy” (the other girls kept teasing her for not giving boys a chance) and my stupid brain exploded with cute thoughts of kissing her. What do I do with that??

Hi, there! Sorry that it took so long to reply to your ask.

First of all, that’s so cute! Happy to hear you had such a nice moment. Your confusion is totally understandable. This all comes down to how you interpret it!

Wanting to kiss someone sounds like romantic attraction to me, but of course, it all depends on how it felt and how you define it, and how you felt it! 

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, anon =) If you want to keep identifying as bialterous, then of course you may – take from this whatever you want – but biromantic is also a label that could fit your description. =) 

Best of luck! 

– Mod Elena ?