hi so I followed your advice on coming out on fb! I posted a picture of me wearing a t-shirt that said “nobody knows I’m bisexual” and at first everything was amazing I only got heart reactions and many positive comments which was lovely!But then after an hour or so, my mom saw my post and she’s not exactly homophobic but she has the mentality of “i’ll accept you but you can’t be proud of it its not natural” and she thought I only did it for attention and she was mad at me (part 1)

“and she told me to take it down so I did and it broke my heart. My sister told me that if I ever date a girl she would stop talking to me. My dad was pretty accepting and told me everything was going to be ok so that was nice. I’m glad I can openly be myself but it sucks that my family is so against it. My mom thinks I am confused and attention seeking and stupid for coming out. I just wish I hadn’t taken the post down. (part 2) ”


First of all, I love what you did! The idea sounds really fun and cute, too!

You were so brave for choosing to do this in the first place, and I’m so sorry your family reacted that way. I’m glad you did receive those first, well-deserved signs and comments of acceptance and support. Again, you did something very brave, and it’s really unfair of your family to have been that discouraging.

I understand why it would be heartbreaking to have to take the post down, but try not to dwell over it too much. You only did what you felt was necessary in that moment, and after all, you not taking it down might have caused an even stronger negative reaction from your mom. There’s always other opportunities in the future. =)

For now, my advice to you is to try to keep being proud of yourself and for being who you are. Do not listen to what your mother and sister says; they don’t know what they’re talking about. You are valid, strong and fantastic. On the other hand, try to think of the support you did receive and the fact that your dad has your back – it’s great to remind yourself every day that you do, in fact, have people who support you! (And so do we!)

With love and support,

– Mod Elena 🌻