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Mod applications are open!

Provide the name you’d like to use, pronouns if you wish, age, any relevant identities (orientation/gender etc), any previous experience and why you want to mod.

We will also NOT accept any of the following:

-Biphobes (well…DUH. If you’re working on some internalised biphobia still but recognise it for what it is, you’re fine of course! I just mean people who are actively biphobic n such)

-Aphobia (discrimination against aces/aros)

-Transphobia/T£RFs and exorsexists (discrimination against NB people)

-Racists, anti-semitics/islamophobes…anything along those lines.

We’re looking for 1-2 mods 😀

I should clarify, please send in a submission or ask (not anon) with your application and myself and Elena will look through them in the not too distant future 🙂

Mod applications are now closed! We will be sorting through them and messaging our new mod/s soon!