Hey, so I’m a 12 year-old cisfemale/demigirl, and I’ve been wondering whether I’m actually straight lately. I think I might be somewhere in between pan- or bisexual, but I do not think any of those two terms/flags/identities really fits me. Polysexual doesn’t quite seem to be my thing either. Is it okay, or rather possible to define oneself as in between two sexualities? Why do terms and labels feel so weird? (I’m sorry if I’m missing out something, also thanks for running this amazing blog! <3)

There is no rule saying you need to identify with one specific sexuality. You’re quite young and will probably experience some confusion while exploring, and that’s okay! You can change the way you identify at any moment, or you can choose to identify as “fluid”,or “in between two sexualities” as you described it, if you feel none of the labels quite capture the way you feel towards people.
I know putting a label on yourself can feel stressful and like a big deal, but it isn’t! You’ll figure it out eventually, I promise.
-Mod Annie