Am I bi if i consider some girls and boys cute, but i don’t feel sexual attraction at all? I mean, I can see myself kissing, hugging and holding hands with someone (I think is nice), but when I try to think about having sex with the person I like I feel like it’s wrong and uncomfortable.

The short answer is yes. But, there’s also a long answer to your question:
You could be biromantic and asexual/demisexual. That means you feel romantic attraction towards 2 or more genders, as you described, but either feel no desire to have sexual relations with anyone (asexual) or only feel sexual desire after you have an emotional connection with someone (demisexual).
There’s also a possiblity of you having a bad relationship with sex if you grew up with parents/adults telling you sex is wrong. In that case, you should work on your relationship with sex, because it can be a wonderful thing and is nothing to be ashamed of.  

Either way, sexuality and romantic attraction are very complex and are a spectrum, so don’t stress about it. You’ll figure it out eventually, and whatever you choose to identify with is going to be great and wonderful. 

-Mod Annie