Hi so this is probs going to be a long and com…

Hi so this is probs going to be a long and complicated text but maybe it reflects my thoughts on this topic and I know you guys probably get ton of questions like this one but yet here I am anyways😅 So for a quite a while I've been first subconsciously and now knowingly a bit anxious on being labeled as hetero and due that started to question myself and my sexuality. I've realized I've always found girls too, attractive and stuff but since growing up LGBTQ+ things weren't as accepted (1/3)

and discussed I think that I kinda shut that out meaning that I never really realized that as attraction. Is this poasible? This far I’ve only been in one relationship and it was with a guy but now that I’ve thinked things I could have sex as well with woman so does that make bi😄😄 I appreciate if you have any thoughts (i don’t really have anyone to discuss these things about back at where I live)! I’ve been struggling with major depression (due mostly other reasons I think) (2/3)”

and bpd and anxiety disorde as well so I have kinda lost myself in process and I’m feeling quite lost altogether so if I got this one piece on place it would make my world. I don’t know why but I would be so happy to be bi😅 Have a great week everyone✨✨ I’m terribly sorry but the FAQ didn’t work on My devices. (3/3)”

Hi there! =D 

You definitely make a lot of good points in your asks! 

Firstly, not knowing a lot about LGBTQ+ topics, living in a place where it’s looked down upon or not talked about and other similar situations can definitely contribute to a slower realization for (unkowingly) LGBTQ+ people to discover their identity. So, yes, this could for sure be a factor.

Secondly, the mere fact that people labeling you as heterosexual making you feel anxious, and that you would be happy to be bi, are facts I consider to be a sign that you ARE bi. 

But, of course, the examples you’ve mentioned about being attracted to women is the defining factor! If you are attracted to 2 genders or more, be it romantically or sexually (or both), you are bi!

Please take into consideration that this is only my interpretation of this! It all comes down to how YOU feel. Focus on identifying that attraction (but don’t overthink it either!) Another thing you could do if you want, is to try out the bisexual label for yourself (in your head) and see how it feels.

Good luck with everything, and thanks for your polite and sweet asks!

(P.S.: Don’t worry about not having been able to read the FAQs! As far as we know, they don’t really work properly for anyone!)

– Mod Elena 🌻