I have to rant this here, so today I was talki…

I have to rant this here, so today I was talking to my crush and she suddenly (like seriously, out of nowhere!) asked me if I was bi (I said no, cause I'm not out yet) then I asked her why, and she said she didn't know ,she's just trying to figure out which people are bi around her and she thinks many should be… Are you thinking what I'm thinking ,is it possible that she's bi???

Oh gosh! 

Hmmm…it’s hard to interpret from that statement alone, but, yeah, could be! Why don’t you ask her back, since she figured it was fine to ask you? 😉 

Anyways, maybe you should adbise (spelling error, but not gonna correct that accidental bi pun!) her not to just…straight-up (or not) put people on the spot like that? It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to ask someone about their sexual orientation, of course, but some people are more scared about coming out than others. 🙂 

Good luck! Do update us on how it goes! =) 

– Mod Elena 🌻