This isn't an ask but I have followed you…

This isn't an ask but I have followed you for a while now, I want to tell everyone how I came out to my sister. She was watching Netflix, I was actually on tumblr at the time. She just turned to me out of the blue and asked "Are you a lesbian?" I almost choked on my drink. "No." "Oh. Are you bi?" I froze for a moment. "Ye." I thought she was gonna freak out or something. "Cool." She literally asked me during a tv show and went back to watching it like nothing happened. This is how you react.

Aaahhh this is so awesome! It’s really inspiring to see that there are actual examples of LGBTQ+ identities becoming normalized. We’re getting there, people. ❤️

Congratulations to you, and kudos to your awesome sister!

– Mod Elena 🌻