are there good boys to date out there? because…

are there good boys to date out there? because i id as bi but i'd rather to do just the sex part with them, i'm afraid they turn out to be aholes like most i know. i just want to find a bi boy because i feel they'd be nicer than straight ones? i don't want to stereotype but my experiences are not perfect with them lol

There’s definitely hope, anon!

People of all identities can be assholes. But, as a general rule of thumbs, people who have gone through the same things as you have/share the same interests/views may be easier getting along with. Being bi is a big aspect of a person’s life and identity, so sharing this can be fulfilling, but it wouldn’t be a guarantee that the other person is a good person simply because of your shared identity. Having differences can be just as fulfilling, and one can learn some important things from the other person that way. (Of course, generally speaking, no one should have to tolerate someone else’s views if their viewpoint disagrees with your existence/basic human rights!)

Bottom line, there’s no need to rule out guys who aren’t bi, but whatever makes you happy is what you should go for (:

– Mod Elena 🌻