Hello. This is my favourite blog for feeling g…

Hello. This is my favourite blog for feeling good about being bi and I just wanted ask for some advice (Idk if it's addressed in the FAQ). I spontaneously came out to my mom (had a pretty good reaction) but I high key freaked out. Bad. I was not ready at all. And now she's going to tell my dad for me, which I agreed to cuz I feel bad one parent knowing and not the other, but I'm still high key freaked out. I'm in uni and am trying to work but emotions are seriously getting in the way. 1/2

“2/2i’ve seen a counsellor and am going again nxt week but she’s telling him in a few days. I just didn’t know if you had any advice on how to stay calm through this process or if there were any resources I should look at to help. I’m terrified about this. I’m so scared and it’s wild feeling this way. Any advice or resources you could share would be amazing. I’m kind of lost. As I said, i really did this too soon to feel comfortable. Thank you regardless if u respond, still feels good to share💕”

Hi there! So sorry for the late reply. 

First of all, sorry to hear about your bad experience. Coming out can feel very different with different people on different occasions, and in this case, you weren’t ready. And that’s okay! These things take a lot of time. 

Hopefully, your parents’ support will help you feel safer after this. 🙂 I’m still proud of you! 

I know this reply is late, but I hope you got through it fine. And if you didn’t, that’s okay too. You’ll be okay. <3 

Now, thinking about the future, it’s great that you’re seeing a counselor, first and foremost. That can truly be a relief, just to have someone professional to talk to. If there is a local LGBT club you could join, that would surely be of help, too! Nonetheless, surrounding yourself with positivity is generally great for everyone. And remember, you don’t have to come out without being ready. So don’t feel bad that you weren’t ready, and try to just not rush anything regarding your identity. You have all the time in the world. ❤️

Good luck!

– Mod Elena 🌻