On the first day I met him, my psychiatrist an…

On the first day I met him, my psychiatrist and I were talking about how I’m attracted to mostly girls, and he asked, “do you think some of the girls felt threatened?” and I said in an angry tone of voice, “I’m not trying to hurt or threaten anyone, but I’m also not trying to hide.” A couple days later, we were talking about how I love people really intensely (I have BPD), and he literally used the word “suffocating.” God, I feel so bad. Can you tell me he’s wrong and my love isn’t a bad thing?

Wow! Your psychiatrist doesn’t sound like he knows a lot about LGBTQ+ topics in general, or at least not how to properly adress it. It’s definitely a very bad thing that he makes you feel bad for loving others! A psychiatrist is supposed to be supportive, so if you have other options, the best thing would probably be to change to another one. 

Anyways, listen: your love is BEAUTIFUL. Love is the most powerful emotion and love is NOT a bad thing to feel. You’re perfectly valid, and your attraction to women is, too. 

– Mod Elena 🌻