We were talking about sexuality, and a friend …

We were talking about sexuality, and a friend of mine said that bisexuals are just people that are desperate so they’re open to do anything, and i was so close to saying: is this a bad time to come out as bi? (I’m not out to these friends)

Hi there! 

It sounds like 1) your friend has some misconceptions about bisexuality, but 2) you want to come out to them. Of course, if you feel ready, and if you think coming out is safe, then don’t let me stop you. However, with your friend saying these things, maybe it’s better to wait a little, and in the meanwhile, make sure to correct them on these prejudices. 

On the other hand, maybe your coming out as bi can change their perceptions? Maybe they’ll be ‘forced’ to be cool with it? Either way, if they won’t accept you, even after a while, then you know they’re not a healthy person to keep around, anyways. Good luck, follow your gut, and stay safe. 

– Mod Elena 🌻