Hi, so I’ve identified as bi for a bit o…

Hi, so I’ve identified as bi for a bit over a year now and I’ve already come out to my family and friends, but I’ve realized that I am not that attracted to guys (I’m a girl by the way). I’d much rather date a girl or someone who’s non binary. Is that a real thing/possible? Also would this still be considered bi? If it’s not I’m not sure what to do because while I feel attached to bi as a label but I feel like it might not fit me that much anymore.

Hey, of course that’s possible, and very much a real thing!

Sure, it can definitely be considered bi: you say you feel like you’d be up for dating women and enbies, so that’s bi by definition. There are also other labels that you could use if you feel like you don’t fit in with the bisexual label. Really, in general, you can identify as whatever you want: the choice is nobody’s but yours! In the end, finding a label that you’re comfortable with is what matters! =) 

I can understand being attached to a label, but don’t let that keep you from trying out new ones – if that’s what you want! You might want to try out a new label for a while, temporarily, just to see how it feels calling yourself. I think it might help clear things up for you! But of course, whether you keep the bi label or not is up to you, and whatever you choose, there’s no wrong thing to do! 

Good luck!

– Mod Elena 🌻