Lately I’ve been questioning my sexualit…

Lately I’ve been questioning my sexuality. I’m 17, almost 18, I’ve always felt attracted to boys and only had relationships with boys. However, lately I’ve been feeling attracted to girls, but not feminine girls, mostly boyish girls. So, can I consider myself as Bi, even if I like mostly boys and boyish girls? Or should I consider myself as bi curious? Or just not bi? I’m really confused. Btw, sorry for any mistakes, but English isn’t my first language. Thank you for you timeđź’•


Listen, I’ve been there. I’ve questioned whether my crushes on girls were just circumstantial, and I was really confused too. I, to this day, find boyish girls immensly attractive, and if someone asked me if I had a type, they would be it. Does that make me any less bi? No.

At the end of the day, it’s about how you feel. But I can tell you even if you’ve only had a crush on one or two girls your entire life, it’s still okay to call yourself bisexual. 

There’s no criteria you have to meet to be bisexual “enough”. You like two or more genders? You wanna identify as bisexual? Great! You should! We’re a great bunch. 

-Mod Annie x