How do I know for sure I’m bi? I’v…

How do I know for sure I’m bi? I’ve only kissed boys but lately I’ve notice that I feel attraction also for girls (I’m a girl). I can’t understand if this is a real attraction or just appreciation of the beauty of the female body (I paint.). Sometimes I think a should kiss a girl to be sure, or that i’m not “bi enough”. What do you think I should do?


I can’t give you a test to make sure that you’re bi, or give you a precise requirment that means you’re bi, but, I can tell you this – When people question whether they’re attracted to a certain gender, in 99% of cases, they are. You wouldn’t question yourself if you weren’t somehow attracted to them, the question itself came from you feeling something towards that specific person or a gender. 

Furthermore, there’s no such thing as bi enough. At the end of the day, you decide whether the label fits you or not. Even if you’ve only found one person in your life that you were attracted to that was the opposite gender/nb etc., you can still call yourself bi! Just make sure that you’re comfortable. 

And also, kissing a girl doesn’t mean you’ll find out if you’re bi right away. Even when you’re straight, you don’t feel great kissing every person of the opposite gender out there, and that’s the same with same-gender people. You have to find a person that you’re attracted to, or think you’re attracted to, only then can the kiss have the effect you want.

I hope this helps and I hope you figure it out! 

-Mod Annie