I decided I was bi ages ago but for years I ha…

I decided I was bi ages ago but for years I haven’t been able to accept it I just see a girl I like and think “oh god what if I’ve been lying the whole time I’m actually a lesbian” and then see a guy I like and think “what if I’m actually straight omg”

Honestly, this is a mood. 

I was just talking about this on our Discord server the other day. I sometimes see a really attractive male and think, oh my god, am I actually straight?

But then I see a really attractive girl, and I’m like, oh my god there’s no way I’m straight *look* at her beauty I want to marry her. ….Am I actually a lesbian??

I think everyone struggles with that, no matter how long you’ve identified as a certain thing, you’ll probably always find you questioning yourself, and that’s okay. It happens to everyone, and it doesn’t make you any less bi.

Cause even those questioning moments show that you *are* attracted to both (and more).  

-Mod Annie