I think I'm bisexual and I have no idea h…

I think I'm bisexual and I have no idea how to handle it, any advice on how to come out??


Honestly, my advice is to take your time. You say you’ve no idea how to handle your sexuality, which probably means you’re not ready to come out, and that’s okay! Know there’s no pressure to come out, you don’t have to do it ever if you don’t want to.

If you do find yourself wanting to come out, then great! There are so many different ways to do it, you can post a status on your social media, you can post a picture holding a pride flag, you could come out with a song (you can find plenty on youtube), or you could just sit with a person 1 on 1 and tell them then! 

So my advice is to figure out which one of those is the best one for you, while making sure you’re doing it for yourself, not because anyone has made you feel like you have to. 

-Mod Annie