7 Bisexual Stereotypes That Need to Be Cancell…


We view the LGBTQ community as a group of people who have endured similar hardships and work to support each other as we fight for equality. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Bisexual people are often frowned upon and misunderstood – not just by the heterosexual majority, but by the rest of the LGBTQ community as well.

This confusion about bisexuality stems from a lack of general knowledge about the inner workings of sexual identity. Yes, I said general – the fact that we’re LGBTQ doesn’t make us all experts! Many of us think of sexual identity as binary – one or the other – when the reality is, it is multifaceted. A fluid spectrum. But believe it or not, some people still can’t fathom sexual attraction to more than one gender.

Here are 7 misconceptions we tell ourselves about bisexuality.

Bisexuals Don’t Exist.

I guess I’m cheating a little in writing about this one – it’s more a flat out lie than it is a myth. It’s perhaps the most common lie that people believe about bisexuality. It just isn’t true!

“But there have been studies done,” you might respond. Yes, it’s true… A 2005 study on the arousal of bisexual people has led the scientific community to question the actual existence of bisexuality at all. In the study, researchers had bisexual men view images of men and women and recorded their levels of arousal. The men studied showed sexual arousal to one preferred gender, thus pushing forward the myth that bisexuals are either straight, gay, or lying.

The major problem with this study? Its conclusions about sexual orientation are based solely on arousal. And autonomic arousal does not an entire sexual identity make. Dr. Randall Sell of Columbia University states, “The last thing you want is for therapists to…..

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