Hi, I really love your blog. But I just recent…

Hi, I really love your blog. But I just recently saw a post you made in order to boost someone selling LGBTQ+ positivity shirts. I went on their website and there was a shirt saying "Boy, Girl ¿Por que no los dos? ". There was no indication that he had roots in a spanish speaking country. As a person of color that does have roots in a spanish speaking country, this is honestly so hurtful. And this is also very indicative of white privilege. (1)

It is things like that, that make people of color feel alienated in the LGBTQ+ space. And as one myself, I feel that way now. I just wanted to let you know because you have been very helpful and seeing this really makes me sad. 😢 (2/2)

Hi! I’m another person of colour and I’m not latine so I had absolutely no idea. thank you for notifying me! and you’re absolutely right about white LGBT people appropriating people of colour’s cultures for their own benefit