@ girls who are starting to realize they’re bi, or have just begun identifying as bi, or who have come to terms with identifying as bi: 

  • I love you! 
  • Bisexuality is good. Being bi is good. Identifying as bi is good. 
  • There is no “good” or “bad” way to be bi. 
  • You are not dirty, wrong, impure, bad, or fake for identifying as bi. 
  • Your identity is pure, whole, and important. 
  • You are not “half” of anything. 
  • You don’t have to date anyone or have romantic/sexual experiences to wholly identify as bi. You are just as bi as bi girls who’ve dated people before. 
  • Whether you are in the closet or decide to come out, your decisions with respect to how you identify are entirely up to you and can’t be dictated by anyone else. 
  • I hope you come to love your identity, I hope you make peace with internalized biphobia, and I hope you become confident in who you are!