Hey y’all

So I have to be out of my house by June 1 because I’m being kicked out. The original date was August 1 but my parents moved it back by almost 2 months which is leaving me in a tight spot money wise especially since my dad went back on his promise to drive all my stuff down. I can’t drive because they never let me get my license so I’m unable to drive myself down to where I’m moving which is almost 3hrs away from where I currently live. So not only will I need to rent a moving truck/can but also possiblity pay someone to drive me and my stuff down there. So right now my goal is to raise around 150 dollars to at least make a huge dent in the cost of the rental which allow me to have some room to pay for other moving expenses such as gas, moving supplies (boxes, tape, dolly, etc) and to pay someone to drive me, assuming I can find someone in time. Here’s the link to my PayPal pool and don’t feel obligated to donate but if you can reblog please do! Hopefully since I’ll finally out I’ll be able to actually become a fully functioning human being

hey guys let’s help out a fellow bi!

the link to his paypal is: