turn-iproductions: Im begging you for help.  …


Im begging you for help. 

This is my friend, he’s only 17 years old, 18 this July. He’s funny and kind and generous. He’s very smart and talented, and really cares about his friends and for others. Hes trapped. Trapped in an abusive home and with abusive parents. 

Things have always been bad, threats to be beaten, actually being beaten, constant sexist and transphobic bullshit. Everyday, almost every hour. My friend doesn’t get a break.He’s told how “disgusting” he looks, or how “unwanted” he is. Hes insulted for eating, for not eating. For how he dresses, how he talks, what he likes. If he ever found something he liked; drawing, writing, the computer, talking to friends, watching anime, it was taken away and insulted. He has no safe place, no support, no love. and today things got worse…..

His father has threatened to kill him

“Have you decided to die?? Then just go DIE?? Stop killing me everyday?? You better stay in the house and go to college and if you think you could run away with your friend and use their money or anything I wont be human, I’d cut you piece by piece.” His father, his own father, is now threatening to “bury” him.  "why the hell do you walk around this house like you’re dead?? Is this how you behave in a house?? What have we done to you so bad that you act like this? Did we hit and beat you up? Do you even know what true suffering is??” The answer is yes. They have hit him and beaten him up, many times. Yes he does know what suffering is, not only to be a  lgbt teenager in India in a unsupportive home. But also because abuse is as common as breathing for him. 

The last time I went to India the two of us tried to run away together and failed. We got caught. Im back in the states now trying to get a visa to return and I think they have turned off his wifi and blocked my number as of today. I have booked a ticket for July 4rd. His birthday. However I need your help. I need someone to talk to, to help me plan this out, to figure out what I should do. I need someone who can come with me to India, I need money, I need advice, he needs support.

Ive never met someone quite like him, he struggles everyday and despite it all, despite being told hes “better off dead”. Despite being called “worthless” and a “punishment”, despite the insults and the abuse. He loves his family and is pushing through it all for a bright future. We have struggled together on our own for so long. Its been over a year of trying to escape. We cant do this alone anymore. Please dont let him die. Not because of his father, or this world. 

Help me show him people care, that someone out there loves him and wants to see him smile. Help me bring him to a safe place where he can recover. Please. I couldn’t live without him. Dont let his life….or his hope slip away. 

Please. Save his life, save mine. His father has threatened twice to call the police on me and claims to “know everything you’re planning”. He doesn’t but his assumptions are way too close for comfort. Im all alone here. Please anything you can do literally anything. Help me. Help him. We are just kids, the world shouldn’t be so cruel. Hes all I have, please help me to save him.

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Please im begging you.