Here’s a shoutout to GNC bi women



We exist, we’re strong, our position to gender and presentation of such is part of what makes us so strong

Shoutout to the bi girls traumatized by mothers that screamed at them, prodded their faces and tore their hair, that burned their favourite clothing and dictated every aspect of their appearance as to not risk them becoming too “unfeminine”

Shoutout to the bi girls who avoid dating men because, no matter how deep your feelings for them, the way you are seen and expected to look and behave when with him make you feel like you’re in the body of a stranger

Shoutout to the bi girls accused of being predatory, for having the male gaze or even privilege, for having to watch the other girls on the train deliberately avoid having to sit anywhere near you, for changing alone in the stalls every gym class because you felt guilty for even being there

Shoutout to the gnc bi girls with buzz cuts and nose rings and ripped jeans, with crisp dress shirts, pressed ties and and slicked back hair, girls who are fat and hairy and who work gruelling jobs or are unable to work at all

Shoutout to the bi girls who felt like they needed to pick between their gender expression and their love for other women, because having both would make you a stereotype, a faker, an embarrassment

Shoutout to the bi girls who wear their gender nonconformity with pride in face of the fear of being targeted for it. Shoutout to the bi girls who can’t present the way they want because of that fear, and I hope one day we can help you be the you inside yourself.

GNC bi girls and women are strong, even when we don’t feel it, even when we allow ourselves to be weak, and we deserve all the love in the skies.

(Adding onto this post with more gnc bi girl shoutouts is more than encouraged! Also all this goes doubly for gnc bi trans women!)

Shout out to the gnc bi women of color, who face added cultural barriers against expressing gender non-conformity but do so with pride and dignity anyway!