PSA: homeless & in need of help!


hi, my name is sisi. i’m a 18 year old woc living in chicago with my mom. to keep it short, i’m gay and my mom doesn’t like it. we constantly argue but i never say too much because i don’t want to get kicked out. y’all know how high crime in chiago is? yesterday, my mom was being extra spiteful and i had enough and i laid into her and actually hit her. she kicked me out our apartment. it felt really good to stick up for being myself but i’m scared. i’m currently staying in a hotel room that my gf was nice enough to pay for but it’s only for three days. the only thing i have with me is my laptop, charger, clothes and sanitary supplies from the hotel. no phone. no money.

my girlfriend inboxed me this morning letting me know one of her neighbors was moving and the apartment next to her would be open. this is great! my gf is so caring and living next to her would be amazing, as she is supportive and would look after me. it’s a stretch but we want to try to buy it. we need a $300 down payment though. that’s good though because if i can raise it, i’ll have secured the house! i’d still need to do paperwork and stuff but still… we want to try to raise it in 3 days before i have to leave the hotel. if you could reblog this and donate to my PAYPAL i would highly appreciate it!!! it sucks spending the 4th in a hotel room but this new light brings me hope. bless you!!!!