is it bad that I sometimes wish I were a lesbi…

is it bad that I sometimes wish I were a lesbian bc then I would have access to this rich history and culture that I don't have as a bisexual girl? I'm proud of being bi but it seems like there's no distinct bi culture like there is for lesbians

Bisexuals have a very distinct culture! A lot of it didn’t come to mainstream consciousness (i.e. The Straights didn’t bother to notice it) till the 90s, but it for sure existed prior to that! There’s been a plethora of scholarship on the culture and the nature of bisexuality. I’ll recommend you a few things if you want to explore it further:

Vice Versa: Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life by Marjorie Garber

Oscilliation: A Life-Stories Analysis of Women Who
Experience Bisexuality
by Irina Dimitriade

Bi America by William Burleson

Plural Desires: Writing Bisexual Women’s Realities by Karyn Sandlos

And the Introduction to the History of Bisexuality by Steven Angelides. The full book can be bought on Amazon here.

This is all I have on hand right now (I’m a nerd who actually keeps lists of this stuff?) but I could definitely find you more if you wanted. There’s so much out there and you should be proud of your identity!