Hi! I need a second opinion. I found out I was…

Hi! I need a second opinion. I found out I was bisexual about six months ago. I never came out to anyone, but I plan to come out to my mom soon. I KNOW she will be supportive of my bisexuality, but I know she will try to tell my brother about it. My brother seems to hate everything I do, but my mom doesn't get that. I assume she is going to tell my father about this, but I feel uncomfortable talking to him about this. Should I stay closeted, or convince my mom to not tell my brother? -14yo male

I guess it hugely depends on the relationship you have with you mom. If you can trust her, and I mean *really* trust she won’t tell anyone if you ask her not to, then I’d advise you to go for it.

If you think she’ll ignore your wishes, and you’re truly very uncomfortable with your other family members knowing, you may want to stay in the closet a little bit longer, as shitty as that is. 

So yeah, I’d advise you to examine your relationship, maybe tell her something in secrecy first, see if she tells it to people she’s not supposed to or not, and then decide based on that.

I hope she’s able to keep your secret, however, because being closeted sucks. I wish you the best of luck!! x