i know i've had a few crushes on girls be…

i know i've had a few crushes on girls before, and do find them cute/hot/pretty and would probably date one if it ever happened. however, when i fantasize sexually, i think of mainly boys/straight sex. is it bad that i'd prefer to suck a dick than eat a pussy? am i just being "bi" for tumblr points(tm)?

Honestly, if you ask yourself stuff like “am I faking it?” “am I doing x for popularity?” chances are you’re not, because you wouldn’t ask yourself that question. 

Romantic attraction and sexual attraction are two different things, so you could be heterosexual and biromantic. Or not. Either way, having a preference doesn’t make you any less bi. If you find the label suits you, there are no rules or quota you have to meet in order to use the label. 

I hope that helps, enjoy your glorious bi life. x