I’m so happy I realised I was bi and cam…

I’m so happy I realised I was bi and came out to my mom, but I find myself still wondering if I’m secretly straight and my attraction to women (I’m a bi girl) is performative. I’m wondering if this process (of doubting your sexuality) ever goes away or it’s internalised biphobia acting up at all times (fun times)

I feel like we all struggle with this, so I sadly can’t provide you with a way to get rid of these doubts, but something I always tell myself is – Why would I only do this for performance? Who would it be for? What would the point of it be? 

I feel like if you ask these questions, you kind of realize how ridiculous that is, and how no one actually fakes their sexuality. 

I’m sorry if that doesn’t help much, but we’re all in this together.  

Maybe some of our followers have more tips/tricks?