When I was younger (like pre school/kindergart…

When I was younger (like pre school/kindergarten) I had some crushes on boys but never one on a girl and two of my sisters are bi and they both had crushes on girls when they were young so when I kind of told my mom I’m bi she said she didn’t expect it from me but she did from my sisters and, idk does this mean I’m just confused??

No! My first real crush on a girl was in high school when I was 14. 

Looking back, I realize why I was so fond of some of my girl friends in middle school and why I wanted to spend so much time with them, but I wouldn’t necessarily call that a crush. I wasn’t aware of it back then. 

Everyone’s journey is different! Some people know from an early age, some figure it out later, some have crushes and see signs their entire life, some get those later. Both are equally valid! Your experience may be different to that of your siblings, but you’re all equally bi.