I’m so over this ‘stop policing my sexuality’ thing

These bithots that have exclusively dated men and hooked up with a girl twice in college are essentially heteros. You’ve never dealt with all the bullshit that comes with same sex relationships. Your experiences with homophobia, if youve even had any, don’t touch those of lesbians and gays (and real bisexuals for that matter). And you DO NOT get to tell anyone mostly/exclusively attracted to the same sex how they should feel about homophobia or how ‘not that bad’ it is. Come back when you have more experience than a curious teenager.

And sooo help me godddd, if I see one more of these parasites say dyke like it’s theirs to use I’m gonna lose my marbles. Bisexuals that have actually been harassed for who they are, been bashed by their families, and have actually been called dykes (and all it’s lovely graphic substitutes) get shit from gays and lesbians for saying the very words used AGAINST THEM because of you entitled dipshits.

You don’t get ~the gay experience~ from an annual girl on girl fantasy, you get it from living that life and dealing with the consequences of it.

Yeah, you do not get to dictate what a “real” bisexual looks like.

Are you saying a person isn’t worthy of using a label unless they get shit for it? What the fuck? Aren’t we working towards a more accepting society? Why is it a bad thing if someone isn’t surrounded by homophobes/biphobes?

I do agree no one should tell anyone how to feel about homophobia, but it seems like you have some sort of a vendetta towards bisexuals, which isn’t okay.