honestly bi girls are so brave like y’all have to stand up for yourselves no matter who you are in a relationship with, and you do it constantly like… my best friend is bi and she is in a long term relationship w/ a girl and is probably gonna marry her, but every time someone calls her a lesbian she will be sure to clarify that she is actually bi. my other friend is bi but has been in a relationship with a guy for 4 years, and struggles with claiming her identity and feeling “really bi/gay” enough, but she still does it.

being bisexual does not mean someone who is sex crazy and will do anyone, no matter the gender. being bisexual is being attracted to and loving people of any gender, just like being gay is
loving someone of the same gender and being straight is loving someone
of the opposite gender. and part of loving people is striving to be in a
long term relationship with someone. so why do we act like bisexual people, especially girls, are “less bi” if they are in a long term relationship with someone of the opposite gender…that’s a part of being bisexual. anyways bi girls have to deal with so much and they are so strong, it amazes me