I’m almost 100% sure I’m bi but I …

I’m almost 100% sure I’m bi but I feel like I don’t act bi enough? I know that people aren’t stereotypes and also I don’t know how bi people act nor do I know any bi people so I don’t exactly have anything to compare myself to. I feel like when someone is not straight I can usually tell but with myself I feel like people can’t tell and that makes me feel like I’m not really bi. What do I do and how do I stop feeling like this?

Well, bi people act like…normal people? 

This isn’t a cult, we don’t have matching hats or a secret handshake (although both of those sound cool maybe we should get on that) that make us “act bi enough.” 

There’s no quota you have to meet to be “bi enough”. Do you find yourself attracted to a variety of people of different genders? Congratulations, welcome to the bi family! 

I know where you’re coming from, I’ve had these thoughts myself, sometimes even still have, but trust me – there’s no such thing as being bi “enough”. There’s just being bi. 

-mod Annie