apparently it’s national coming out day, so here’s a BIG shout out to all the bisexuals out there who are open and loud about their sexuality regardless of their relationship status. so many people tell us that there’s no point in coming out as bi unless we absolutely need to, but the pain that comes with having to hide a huge part of who you are applies to us as much as anyone else, as does the joy and relief that comes with no longer having to constantly worry about others finding out. bi people are always bi, and having the freedom to be ourselves and express who we are is important for us too!

no one has to come out until they’re ready, but if you’re bi, know that you don’t have to wait until you’re in a serious relationship the same gender to be who you are. coming out is a neverending process that can be scary and even dangerous, but it’s never useless, and the weight that’s lifted when you’re finally able to be yourself is one of the most freeing experiences in the world. every single unapologetically bi person who insists on letting their identity be known is an inspiration to me and i appreciate each and every one of you 💖💜💙