no one’s donated to my last post in ages so im gonna go ahead and start fresh

hi, i’m cruz. i’m a 19 y/o nonbinary lesbian of color and i’m really strapped for cash rn as i just transitioned between jobs. i get paid every 2 weeks and those checks are very small in comparison to what i need for bills. i was all set to pay my $50 student loan payment when an autopay bill took $13 out of my account, so now i’m unable to do that.

i really need gas money too, as my commute to work is 40 minutes both ways. i really hate e-begging but i’m desperate. even $1 helps.

paypal (ignore my deadname please)

so i have $3.94 to my name now…..please help me please

okay, so i have a bill coming up on friday for $92 and i have about $16. please consider donating if you can

i’ve only gotten $10 and i’m getting increasingly desperate please help me please