Christopherson: Where Were the Bi Flags at Cam…

Christopherson: Where Were the Bi Flags at Campus Pride Week?:

Leaving the bisexual flag out of Campus Pride Week, or any other event or discussion of queer pride ⁠— even down to the emoji keyboard ⁠— sends two messages that directly conflict with the purposes of celebrating pride in the first place.

First, it reinforces my sense ⁠— and, I imagine, many others’⁠ senses — of existing outside the bounds of the queer community, that I am “not gay enough” to qualify.

Second, it erases the realities of my experience by treating it as simply part of the broader gay experience, forcing it under the rainbow umbrella … Of all places, we deserve to be represented, visibly, in our school’s string of pride flags one week out of the year.


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