A female-id’ing person kissing another female-…

A female-id’ing person kissing another female-id’ing person doesn’t ALWAYS mean one (or even both) of them self-identifies as Lesbian … Bisexual+ People exist! 

Lesbian Women ❤️ Bi+ Women
Bi+ Women 💜 Lesbian Women
Bi+ Women 💙 other Bi+ Women … it’s all good!

Bisexuality is the attraction to more than one Gender, or to Genders similar to- and different from- one’s own.

It includes people of ALL Genders & Gender Presentations including but not limited to: Cis Intersex, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Nonbinary, Trans and so many more.

Bisexual+, Biromantic+ (Bi+ or BiPlus for short) is the commonly used “shorthand” for the entire Non-Monosexual or otherwise MSpec (Multiple Gender Attraction Spectrum) Community including but not limited to: Bisexual/Biromantic, Ambisexual, Flexisexual, Fluid, Heteroflexible/Homoflexible, Multisexual, No Labels, Omnisexual, Pansexual, Plurisexual, PoMoSexual, Polysexual, Same-gender Loving (SGL), Sapiosexual, Queer-identified, and so many more.

So Please remember to ALWAYS include the “B” in LGBTQ+