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Now that we’re approaching 20,000 notes I want to share what I’ve learned since this post first gained traction.

It is increasingly apparent that only a select minority of certain communities are willing to listen to this post and accept that bisexuality’s inclusivity and definition are not up for debate, and that this definition and inclusivity are not new to our community.

It is equally difficult to get through to people who have chosen Latin meanings over history, a hypocritical stance they don’t take up with words like gay or lesbian.

I’ve had more people deny this post’s truth than recognize it as history. I’ve spent hours having to reply to people who do not care about bisexuals than I have talking to people this post helped.

This post is not my opinion, it is a collection of sourced quotes. Despite this being stated over and over again, the content of this post is treated as discourse that is original and unique to my blog.


*smacks you over the head with a poorly put-together history textbook I made in crafts* LEARN BISEXUAL HISTORY BEFORE YOU ACT KNOWLEDGABLE

“Bisexual—being emotionally and physically attracted to all genders.” – GLSEN in fucking 1998

“Do not assume that bisexuality is binary or duogamous in nature […] In fact, don’t assume that there are only two genders.” 1990 Bi Manifesto

“But there are also many bis, such as myself, for whom gender has no place in the list of things that attract them to a person.“ 2002

“Bisexual people are those for whom gender is not the first criteria in determining attraction.” 2003

“Assuming that all bisexuals are never attracted to trans or genderqueer folk is harmful, not only to bi individuals, but to trans and genderqueer individuals who choose to label themselves as bi.”

“Bisexual: A person who is attracted to people regardless of gender (a person does not have to have a relationship to be bisexual!)” 2003

“These data support the argument that, for some bisexual individuals, sexual attraction is not gender-linked.” 1992




bisexual privilege is being able to sing any song at karaoke and having the pronouns work just fine


proud 💗💙💜


Happy pride!


it’s almost pride month and I don’t want to see a single post saying that bisexual people are privileged. not a single one. want me to explain? fine. 

bisexual people aren’t fucking privileged. get over yourself and actually start supporting bisexuals for a change, you could actually start to make a difference.


Happy Pride~!

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Loraine Hutchins, Bi Any Other Name





When I finally felt comfortable to tell my wife that I was bi, she came out as bi also. It has made us stronger together.