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I love this blog so much!! I’ve gotten a little bit of hell for being bi (meaning being attracted to males & nonbinary people for me) and not liking girls,,, saying I’m weird/hurtful and bad for not finding them attractive and bi is ‘liking males and females.’ All this bisexual positivity really helps me when I’m struggling <3


Happy 20BiTeen!!! May your year be filled with positivity and visibility and may the biphobes back off and recognize our worth!!!

Sorry to bother u, but are people who are questioning join the discord server? ♥️


do gnc people identify with they/them terms? sorry, i’m figuring myself out rn!

yeah! you can have any pronouns and identify as gnc


Can a nonbinary person be Bi too? (I'm still questioning myself for the past months and I think I might be nb)

ofc! i’m trans/nb and bi 😀


can gnc people identify as a she/her woman (for example)?

yeah ofc!


BDE (bisexual dick energy)

it’s what we all aspire to have


bi identity (bidentity)

this anon has big dick energy


i think anon asking ab the tomcats and drags and does are asking like do you need to be gnc in order to be (for example) tomcat.

yeah you do because those terms are by themselves- about being gender nonconforming


MY GIRLFRIEND AND I HAD OUR FIRST KISS!! I’m just really excited and wanted to tell someone so that’s all:))