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Photo from last summer. Inherited hydrangea and my only involvement here is cutting off the tops in late autumn. Magic

me, a Bi, whenever I see anything blue-purple-pink coordinated: it me
someone, not a bi: it’s just a blue purple pink vase I don’t-
me: it me

Lovers may come and go, but friends are forever!


I love plenty of people, including myself, whom are somewhere along the trans* spectrum. 

Happy Valentines day everyone. Even if you don’t have a significant other to share this holiday with, surround yourself with those whom love you. Whether it be friends, family, chosen families, etc. Everyone deserves to feel loved. And I love you all. Each and every single one of you.

Happy v-day,

from Liz.

Roses are red / Gender is performative / Mass-market romance / Is heteronormative

Roses are red,
Genders can be funny –
We’re not too hung up
On which is calling us honey

Always In The Middle: On Being Biracial & Bisexual:

Growing up biracial has felt like one long balancing act … Being asked to choose feels as though I am expected to erase a part of myself and discard it, as if it were worthless…

I know it would wear on my soul to deny my Punjabi roots. At the same time … my mom’s English-Scottish heritage might not be as exciting to most people, but it’s equally important to me … As with all things, one side is not more worthy than the other. It all matters. It’s all equal …

it’s only recently that I realized this way of thinking also applies to my sexual identity. I’m bisexual. I’m interested in men, women, trans and nonbinary people …

I didn’t come out as bisexual … in part because it took me many years to realize that my sexuality was real … [to] realize that I am, in fact, queer as the day is long…

I have finally learned to accept all aspects of myself … After years of struggling to answer the question, “What are you?” I have finally realized that I have an answer. I am biracial. I am bisexual. I am complete.


This is not a dilemma, this is a delight!


I- hnnnnnnng


Bisexual Dilemma: Zendaya and Michael B. Jordan in the Same Suit


Bi people can feel like they don’t exactly fit into the LGBTQ+ or hetero community. 😢 But here, bisexuality is beautiful and valid 💖💜💙

Aries: fuck if i know
Taurus: i am groot
Gemini: what are my other options?
Cancer: i am a train wreck and train wrecks do not have genders, they only have pain
Leo: go ask a magic eight ball, you’ll get an easier answer
Virgo: the gender binary is a lie and i’m too busy saving $15 or more on my car insurance to talk about it
Libra: i’m fine, how are you?
Scorpio: *doesn’t answer, pretends they never asked*
Sagittarius: i’m a racoon living in your attic
Capricorn: are you professor oak?
Aquarius: bitch i might be
Pisces: no. no, no, no….no.