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Remember that you’re still a completely valid bi person even if you’re not out of the closet, even if you’re struggling with internalized biphobia, even if you’re still questioning, even if you’re doubting your bisexuality from time to time: you’re all valid, and nothing can keep you from being a part of this community. 


Remember that it’s really common for us bisexuals to have doubts about whether we’re REALLY bi or not: Flipping from “Am I just straight?” one day to “Maybe I’m actually gay” the other, for example. You’re not alone in this. However, having these doubts is the most bi thing ever! The way I see it, wondering if you suddenly feel exclusively attracted to one gender, and then thinking you’re exclusively attracted to another, just proves that you like more than one gender!

(P.S.: This isn’t meant to invalidate the questioning of anyone who is exclusively attracted to one gender in any way, but as a reassurance to bi people who experience this!)


Reminder that you are IN NO WAY predatory for feeling attracted to the same gender. Your attraction is normal and pure and beautiful. You’re not harming anyone by feeling it. 


hi! if you’re questioning if you’re bi or not, there’s always a bi community for you! we’ve all had days, or months or even years of wondering if we’re gay, or straight, or if one label fits or another one does. figuring yourself out takes time and this community here to help you out!


Sometimes it feels like you’re all alone in the world, but remember that there truly are a lot of wonderful allies in the LGBTQ+ community. There’s a lot of bi erasure and biphobia out there, too, but things are getting better. Hang in there.

Here are some great solidarity blogs (and otherwise lovely LGBTQ+ blogs) that I suggest! Get that positivity:










(Some of these I don’t follow/haven’t been following for a long time, so please, do let me know if there’s anything problematic I should know about =))

– Mod Elena 🌻


Remember that coming out is a personal thing and there’s no right or wrong way to come out. You’re the only person who has a say in how you do it, when you do it, or if you do come out at all. The only thing that matters is if you feel ready and safe. 


If you’re questioning, whether that is wondering if you might be bisexual or if you think the bisexual label doesn’t fit you after all, please remember that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s okay to change labels, it’s okay to try out labels temporarily and see how you feel, and it’s absolutely not harming anyone. Figuring out who you are is a journey and nobody expects you to have it all figured out at once. 


hey! if you’re a bisexual who’s struggling w/ their body image, i see you and trust me, you look absolutely gorgeous! your acne doesn’t make your face look blotchy, your height or your weight aren’t the end of the world, and your crooked nose and your teeth? they’re adorable! you don’t have to look a certain way to /be/ bisexual, you just have to bilieve in yourself!

Happy New Year.

As the year 2017 comes to a close, I’d like to thank all of you for being here on behalf of the team. Think about all the things that happen in a year: some things have been bad, but try to look back at all the positive things that have happened in the world, and to you, this year. It might be hard to see the small progresses you make as a person, but progress is progress and I’m so proud of you all for surviving this year. Imagine all the ways you can grow as a person in the coming year! We look forward to having you here with us. Thank you for being you, you beautiful human beings. 


Here’s another reminder that you’re not a less valid bisexual if you:

– have a preference for a different gender than your own

– only choose to act on attraction towards another gender than your own, whatever the reasons may be

– have a crush on/have a partner of a different gender than yours

You ARE ‘gay enough’. You AREN’T “just straight after all”, and you certainly AREN’T damaging other bisexuals. Your love is yours, you are bisexual, and that means you’re allowed to not only be proud of your same-gender attraction!