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Photo from last summer. Inherited hydrangea and my only involvement here is cutting off the tops in late autumn. Magic


You are loved. You belong here.

You are not confused. You don’t have to ‘pick a side’.


Image: on a plain white background, thrusting up thru the words “Refuse To Be Invisible” written in a bold, black type is the drawing of an upraised arm from below the wrist, with the hand in a clenched fist, the image is coloured in with the Pink, Purple and Blue of the Bisexual+ Pride Flag


Bisexual is a good and wholesome word. It’s okay to be bisexual. It’s okay to actually say you’re bisexual.

When I finally felt comfortable to tell my wife that I was bi, she came out as bi also. It has made us stronger together.

✨You are amazing. ✨
✨Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. ✨
✨You will get through this. ✨
✨Your orientation is not a choice- people’s attitudes toward it is ✨
✨You do not have to “pick a side” in order to be accepted. ✨
✨Don’t change who you are to impress others. ✨
✨You are enough. ✨
✨Surround yourself with supporters and allies. ✨
✨Be proud. ✨
✨Be Bi💗💜💙✨

Just a reminder that every bisexual is a valid member of the LGBTQ+ community, regardless of their experience, preference or sexual history. 

Just a friendly reminder everyone’s self-discovery journey is different, and one person’s experience doesn’t invalidate another person’s experience.

We’re all different, so our journeys can’t look the same. 

Hey, friendly reminder that your attraction to people who aren’t the same gender as you is just as valid as your same gender attraction. You are bi, and that means you’re allowed to be exactly that: bi. You’re still 100% valid and you still belong in the LGBTQ+ community despite not being exclusively attracted to people of the same gender. 

Remember that you’re still a completely valid bi person even if you’re not out of the closet, even if you’re struggling with internalized biphobia, even if you’re still questioning, even if you’re doubting your bisexuality from time to time: you’re all valid, and nothing can keep you from being a part of this community.