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17 thank-you notes to the creators of the bise…

17 thank-you notes to the creators of the bisexual flag:

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the Bisexual Flag. The flag was first unveiled by activist Michael Page on December 5, 1998. While Page led the effort, it was actually a Bi+ Community-wide Project which  involved many people including a group of activists from BiNet USA, as well as from other places who were involved for its creation.

To mark this important day, the UK’s Gay Star News collected Seventeen Thank-you Notes to the creators of the Bisexual+ Pride Flag.

The USA-based Human Rights Campaign is proud t…

The USA-based Human Rights Campaign is proud to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Bisexual Pride Flag with the Bisexual+ Community around the world.

What Do the Colours mean?
❤️ = from the colour of the infamous Pink Triangles represents same/similar sex attractions
💜 = where Pink & Blue overlap is a color gradient of different shades of Lavender/Purple representing the possibility of attraction anywhere along the entire gender spectrum
💙 = represents different sex attractions

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An appreciation post for all bisexuals that fit some sort of a bi stereotype. Polyamorous? Prefer the opossite gender? Like sex? Wonderful! We’re lucky to have you in the community, and you’re not a “bad bisexual” for staying true to who you are. 

I encourage you to write what stereotype you fit, if you fit any, and let’s celebrate it. (Do this in tags, replies or as a reblog, up to you.)


Just a reminder that every bisexual is a valid member of the LGBTQ+ community, regardless of their experience, preference or sexual history. 


Just a friendly reminder everyone’s self-discovery journey is different, and one person’s experience doesn’t invalidate another person’s experience.

We’re all different, so our journeys can’t look the same. 


hey,,, rb if u too are a bisexual and love ice cream… a ilb (ice cream loving bisexual)


my heart goes out to religious bisexuals- and not just christians. to bi muslims and jewish people. to the hindus and buddhists. whether you’re comfortable with your religion, or struggling with it, it’s so unfair how the lgbt community erases us. being bisexual and religious are not two opposite, conflicting sides. we’re beautiful and we’ve existed for centuries to come, and will do so because existing in a word where we’re told we can’t, is revolutionary 

colorfulcipher: One of the best signs I saw at…


One of the best signs I saw at Pride yesterday



Today is IDAHOT: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. Let’s keep up the good fight!


Hey, friendly reminder that your attraction to people who aren’t the same gender as you is just as valid as your same gender attraction. You are bi, and that means you’re allowed to be exactly that: bi. You’re still 100% valid and you still belong in the LGBTQ+ community despite not being exclusively attracted to people of the same gender.