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If your response to the fact that bi women experience more relationship abuse than lesbians is “thats what they get for dating men” i will come to your house and take your kneecaps


another thing that really annoys me about this “bisexuality is binary” thing is that bisexuality absolutely is not and never was binary, except bisexuality is defying a sexual binary because you know, it’s a sexuality

non-binary exists outside the gender binary, outside of male and female

bisexuality exists outside of the sexual binary, outside gay and straight

a lot of the problems that bisexuals and non-binary people face are similar because they share their position on their separate axis, they’re both accused of not being real, being a trend, being temporary or a stepping stone, they’re both erased, fetishised and misunderstood because they’re seen as both/neither/in between the binary options

bisexuality is not only just as subversive as non-binary, it has also always shared a natural alliance with non-binary because they’re parallel to each other

so when you’re accusing bisexuality of being binary you’re missing the whole point because you’re looking at it through the perspective of the wrong axis (gender instead of sexuality)


u r not guilty 4 being bisexual. bisexuality isnt wrong. bisexuality is not a moral flaw. bisexuality is not less righteous than any other sexuality. bisexuality is good n okay.


Does anybody else get, just, really happy when they see other people’s blog icons rocking your Pride flag colors? This website is the only place I can feel safe and comfortable being out and proud with my Pink/Purple/Blue and seeing it so often on other blogs makes me feel, less alone. Like, holy shit dude, there’s so many of us! I just wanna hug every one of my fellow Tumblr Bi’s! ^-^


Bisexual pride tulips

What do you all think of the bi lesbian term/ identity?

I think it’s great that there’s people who have found a way to describe their sexuality in a way that feels right and precise to them and I don’t think it is anyone’s business to debate, invalidate or police that.

In other words: if someone wants to call themselves a bi lesbian then they are a bi lesbian.

There’s plenty of reasons why someone might choose to use both labels and they don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why they identify that way. Their existence doesn’t take anything away from people who
exclusively identify as lesbian OR bisexual.

There’s literally no harm done, despite what some scaremongering gatekeepers (and biphobes) might be saying.

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Drawing of Poppy Flowers coloured in the Pink Purple & Blue of the Bisexual+ Pride Flag


This happens a lot. I also heard binary trans people saying this kind of stuff.

Image: Four panel hand drawn colour cartoon; Dramatis personae: light-skinned male-appearing person with short brown hair. They are dressed in a long-sleeved pink top decorated with the Rainbow Pride Flag.

Panel 1: almost in tears with hands clutched to chest “LGBTQIABCXYZ#… – Do we really need all those Labels?!“
Panel 2: one hand on hip gesturing dramatically w the other “Aren’t we all human? Why so we always need to find ways to divide?“
Panel 3: arms raised above head, eye wide, yelling “Society won’t accept us if we keep coming up with new identities other than mine!“
Panel 4: calm arms behind back, serious professorial mien “Even LGBT is a bit complex – We should just say “G” – My identity is simpler, give yours up please.“

Happy New Year 2020

8 Flaming Nights
Chang Hanukkah Sameach (חַג שָׂמֵחַ) Happy Hanukkah 
🕎 better to light a candle than to curse the darkness