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Page 97!!  Happy Pride Month!! 


Your sexuality, your rules. Your body, your choices. ✨

[Image: Set on a light pink background, drawing of the face of a young, pretty, feminine appearing, dark-skinned person, with classic West-African features. They have shoulder length hair in the Pink Purple and Blue colors of the Bisexual Pride Flag.

Their expression is calm with their eyes closed as if in deep thought or contemplation. Above to the left and below to the right are golden stars.]


Online Discussion – No Homo No Hetero: Being Black, Bisexual, & Male in America

When seeking answers to questions regarding healthy identity development and overcoming multiple, intersecting oppressions, Black Bisexual Men have Very Few options.

Join us online on Saturday June 24th 2017 from 11 AM to 1 PM (NYC time) 

explore the impact and challenges of this particular work by discussing identity, race, biphobia, manhood and the intersecting oppression of being Black and Fluid with a panel of MenKind organizers, members, supporters and allies.

We will discuss the ever evolving nuances of the Black male bisexual experience: identity, racism, biphobia and media representation; manhood, masculinity, myths, HIV and the overall health, well being and liberation of Black bisexual men.