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Today as we celebrate the 21st Birthday of the Bisexual Pride Flag, we also should talk about how it’s creation is intertwined with the History of the creation of the Transgender Pride Flag

Here’s a video from the YouTube Channel of Trans-activist Monica Helms, the creator of the Trans Pride Flag where as she explains –

“Many people asked me about the history of the Trans Flag, so I made this video to give people the information. This is a remake, with new images and more effects. It is fun to watch.”


Give Us Roses While We’re Still Here
Transgender Day of Remembrance // Nov. 20th

This is just a poster I made the other day. I love all of my trans family, and I hope you take the day for remembrance & self care. 

A beginner’s guide to being an ally to trans people:


“Transgender Awareness Week is a time where we share and uplift the voices and experiences of the trans community, which includes celebrating the victories of trans folk while also remembering and honoring all members of our trans family who have lost their lives to anti-trans violence.

As a part of uplifting the trans community, it’s important that allies also take part. Of course, everybody is at different levels of knowledge on how to support trans people. So, as someone who is currently discovering their transness and also had to do a lot of learning and internal work on my journey, here is my beginner’s guide to being a trans ally.”

Read the full piece here