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[image description: plastic jack-o-lantern-shaped candy pails, arranged in pink, purple, and blue stripes. words in the bi pride colors imposed on top say “biphobia is creepy.”]


I’m Getting Married to Another Man — But I’m Still Bisexual:



“The most important thing for me, however, is getting married to someone who accepts all of me, even the parts he can’t relate to.“ ❤️💜💙

Omg I relate to this so much

It’s frustrating when folks reblog my wedding posts and tag them as “lesbian,” just because it erases our identities. I try to make it clear: we are two bi women who married each other. It was a bi wedding.



The concept of “pick a side, you can only be straight or gay” is heterosexual queerphobic propaganda. As long as there are only “two teams” and one is a small minority of people, there is segregation and heirarchy. Bisexuality of any kind is a threat to a system of segregation. “Bisexuality isn’t real” sets gays and lesbians against bisexuals to do the work of this system. Bisexual erasure is a part of gay and lesbian oppression.

It took the better part of 30 years for most gay and lesbian communities to even allow bisexuals to be publicly included because the condition of gay acceptance is segregation, and bisexuals are not conducive to it. 


bisexuality has always meant “could be attracted to anyone regardless of gender”

dailybiaffirmation:A special reminder for TRANS bisexuals that you are important and valid and you…


A special reminder for TRANS bisexuals that you are important and valid and you matter.
Trans bi people are often forgotten by the community and in the wake of Trump’s tweets, I want to remind you all that you are not a burden in our eyes.

Be bisexual+ your way.  No one should judge how you express your bisexuality, including yourself. 

Image: a soft focus colour photo background of a high mountain landscape in early autumn with mountain meadows and fir trees, looking into the distance are other mountains blending into hazy sky. Written across it in white, in a variety of fonts are the words, “You are allowed to have a preference, both romantically and sexually, and still be bisexual.  Your bisexuality isn’t lessened by your current partner nor your past experience(s).  It’s your life – you and only you are in charge of your label.”

Boston MA USA Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) Bi+ Community Activities Meetup Group

Bisexual Resource Center’s 2017 Bisexual Plus Summer Potluck Picnic in Cambridge MA USA

[Cambridge MA USA]: 

Bi+ Summer Potluck Picnic!

Please join the members of the greater Boston area’s Bisexual+ Resource Center (BRC) on Saturday July 15th 2017 from 2 PM – 4 PM

for an informal summer social at Cambridge Commons Park. We encourage everyone to bring a potluck item to share.

This will be a great opportunity to meet other members of local Bi+ Meetup(s) and Groups you may not have had the opportunity to attend as well as connect with many of the nice people from the local Bi+ Community. Partners, friends, and allies are also welcome.

Rain date is Sunday July 16th or we will also consider moving indoors to Cambridge Common Restaurant if the weather warrants it.

Note: Bisexual+ (Bi+ for short pronounced “Bi Plus”) is *shorthand* for ALL Non-Monosexual people inclusive of but not limited to: Bisexual & Biromantic as well as Ambisexual, Flexisexual, Fluid, Heteroflexible & Homoflexible, Multisexual, No Labels, Omnisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual, Pomosexual, SGL (Same-gender Loving), Sapiosexual, Queer-identified, Questioning et al.

Additionally the Bisexual+ Community has always/will always include people of ALL genders/gender identification including but not limited to: Androgynous, Cis, Genderqueer, Gender-Nonconforming, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans, et al.


Online Discussion – No Homo No Hetero: Being Black, Bisexual, & Male in America

When seeking answers to questions regarding healthy identity development and overcoming multiple, intersecting oppressions, Black Bisexual Men have Very Few options.

Join us online on Saturday June 24th 2017 from 11 AM to 1 PM (NYC time) 

explore the impact and challenges of this particular work by discussing identity, race, biphobia, manhood and the intersecting oppression of being Black and Fluid with a panel of MenKind organizers, members, supporters and allies.

We will discuss the ever evolving nuances of the Black male bisexual experience: identity, racism, biphobia and media representation; manhood, masculinity, myths, HIV and the overall health, well being and liberation of Black bisexual men.