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Coming out?

There are many ways to come out to someone. An endless amount of ways, actually.

Coming out is different to everyone, and some people like to plan it for a long time, choosing a special occasion for their moment. A few common ideas are coming out on National Coming Out Day, or on bi pride, for example.

Others prefer keeping it simple, not making a ‘big deal’ about it. You could come out with a pun, a joke, or just in the middle of a sentence.

Some like to ‘come out’ by introducing their same-sex partner, because straight people never have to come out at all, and it should be that normalized to be LGBTQ+, too. Choosing not to come out on principle is also totally valid.

You could plan it, or you could come out spontaneously, when the moment is there. You might come out several times in your life, to several people, and you might do it differently each time. There’s really no rules!

These are a few tips, but, whether you like it casual or ceremoniously, coming out is down to YOU. Only you can know how you want to do it, and coming out is a personal thing that only you can decide how to do. As long as you are ready, there really isn’t a perfect way to come out, or a perfect time for coming out.

I’m bi and I’m really nervous to tell my friends. My two best friends won’t care and will probably be happy I’m telling them something that personal but I have one friend that might be weird about it. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell anyone and others times it feels like I’m keeping a secret. If i decide to come out to them how should I do it?

I personally would do it the way you feel comfortable doing it, which is something I can’t tell you since I don’t know what you’d feel most comfortable with. My advice, take them to the side, say you have something you wanna talk about, just come out with it as simply as you can. And avoid saying “I think I’m bi”, because sometimes, when you show people you may have a seed of doubt (with the ‘I think’ they can use it against you. Be firm on who you are, and just say “I am bi.” Then perhaps, let them ask any questions they want to know to dispell their misconceptions about bi people. You can do it one at a time or all at once, depending on which you think would be best.

Also! You don’t have to tell the one who you think would be weird about it! You can just tell the people you’re comfortable with.

my parents aren’t homophobic per se, but they’re the kind of people who go, “look, a /queer/” if they see a LGBT person somewhere, and keep this condescending distance from LGBT things. do you think it’s safe to come out to them?

I’d actually say that IS homophobic…even passive homophobia like purposefully avoiding LGBT things or making snide remarks is homophobic. I don’t have enough information on whether it’s SAFE to come out, I think that’s up to you to determine, but beware that they sound homophobic, so I think it might be best to wait until you’re an adult, financially independent or have a back up plan (like someone to stay with if the environment became unsafe). I think it might be worthwhile figuring out more about their views first though? Like maybe bring up a television show or a friend who is LGBT and see how they react…that might give you a far better indication. Then once you have that, you can reassess the situation.

so i kind of wanna come out to my friends but ive been so insistent in the past to tell all of my friends im straight that i feel like i was just lying to them and that theyll be upset that i was lying to them. i know they wont have any problems with my identity itself (75% of them are lgbt themselves) but i just dont want them to think i was lying to them. what should i do?

Being in the closet isn’t lying. Whatever you have to do for your safety or just your own health comes first, no one is entitled to personal details about yourself.

No one whose worth any of your time will think you lied or were a bad person for it.

alphabetsoupcomic:Page 97!!  Happy Pride Month!! 


Page 97!!  Happy Pride Month!! 

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Coming out isn’t easy. Telling people that you are a different sexuality to what they’ve…

Coming out isn’t easy. Telling people that you are a different sexuality to what they’ve known you for years as is difficult. That’s why you deserve the love and happiness that we can give you.

When I was 12 I was told I couldn’t be bisexual because homosexuality in any form was a sin.So…

When I was 12 I was told I couldn’t be bisexual because homosexuality in any form was a sin.So…

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Someone who wants to remain anon submitted this to our blog.

Coming out after 25…

I think I’m bisexual. No one knows. And I’ve never admitted it.


We hope things get better for you. We hope you find a place of physical and mental safety where you can be yourself. Whomever and whatever you decide you are as is best for you.

From Bisexual Index: If you’re asking yourself “Am I Bisexual?” then here’s a handy checklist:

1.)  Thinking about the people you’ve been attracted to, so far in your life, were they all of the same gender?

If you answered “No”, to any or all of the questions in our list above then we feel it’s okay for you to call yourself bisexual. We don’t care how attracted you are to the genders around you – you’re bisexual as soon as you stop being exclusively attracted to only one sex.

That’s it. It really is as easy as that.

Remember: in or out; gay, straight, lesbian or bisexual; cisgender, transgender, androgynous, gender non-conforming or nothing In particular; monogamous, celebate, poly; shy, sexualy adventerious, asexual, confused or just not sure yet. No Matter What — You are NOT broken. You are NOT odd or exotic. You are not somehow “wrong”. You are Exactly who and what you are Supposed To Be and most important You Are Not Alone!