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If you’re under the LGBT spectrum, or are of a heritage of colour (including if you’re white passing) you miiight have noticed that LGBT spaces are often white, and racist and spaces of colour tend to be very cisgender and heterosexual. therefore the need comes for a space for us to feel safe.

– be a person of colour
– be LGBT

that’s all! here’s the invite link:

Bisexual culture is getting weak in the knees whenever a cute guy or gal or enby tries to talk to you and this is completely normal and you are 100% valid for being a bisexual mess

hi! if you’re questioning if you’re bi or not, there’s always a bi community for you! we’ve all had days, or months or even years of wondering if we’re gay, or straight, or if one label fits or another one does. figuring yourself out takes time and this community here to help you out!

hey! if you’re a bisexual who’s struggling w/ their body image, i see you and trust me, you look absolutely gorgeous! your acne doesn’t make your face look blotchy, your height or your weight aren’t the end of the world, and your crooked nose and your teeth? they’re adorable! you don’t have to look a certain way to /be/ bisexual, you just have to bilieve in yourself!

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[Image description – Images of the bi pride flag with a heart shaped asexual pride flag in the middle and the asexual pride flag with a heart shaped bi pride flag in the middle. End description.]

2017 National School Climate Survey (Encuesta sobre el Ambiente Escolar)

LGBTQ youth, speak out about your school experiences! (Jóvenes LGBTQ – ¡Hable de sus experiencias en la escuela!)

[USA]: 2017 National School Climate Survey (Encuesta sobre el Ambiente Escolar)  LGBTQ+ youth, speak out about your school experiences! (Jóvenes LGBTQ+ – ¡Hable de sus experiencias en la escuela!)

The 2017 National School Climate Survey is GLSEN’s tenth national survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual+, transgender, and queer youth. It is a crucial tool in GLSEN’s mission for fighting anti-LGBTQ+ bias in K-12 schools across the nation. The information gathered from this survey will help GLSEN to inform education policymakers and the public about the right of all students to be treated with respect in their schools. 

La Nacional sobre el Ambiente Escolar 2017 es la décima encuesta de jóvenes lesbianas, homosexuales, bisexuales, transgéneros, y queer. Es fundamental a la misión de GLSEN a luchar contra los prejuicios anti-LGBTQ+ que existe en las escuelas K-12 en todo el país. La información recopilada a partir de esta encuesta ayudará a GLSEN a informar legisladores de educación y el público sobre el derecho que tienen todos los estudiantes ser tratados con respeto en las escuelas.

If you attended high school or middle school sometime during the last school year (2016-2017), identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual+, transgender, queer or questioning, and are at least 13 years old, tell us about your experiences in school. (If you did not complete the entire school year you can still participate in the survey.) The survey is completely anonymous.

Si asistió un colegio o una escuela mediana alguna vez durante el último año escolar (2016-2017), identifica como lesbiana, homosexual, bisexual+, transgénero, queer o está cuestionando su sexualidad, y tiene al menos de 13 años, cuéntanos sus experiencias en la escuela. (Si no completó todo el año escolar todavía puede participar en la encuesta.) La encuesta está completamente anónima.

The survey asks questions about your experiences in school, including hearing homophobic remarks, being harassed because of your sexual orientation and/or how you express your gender and how supportive your school is of LGBTQ+ students.

La encuesta contiene preguntas sobre sus experiencias escolares, incluyendo si ha oído comentarios homofóbicos, si ha acosado a causa de su orientación sexual y/o como expresa su género y como su escuela apoya los estudiantes LGBTQ+.

To take the survey, click here.
Para hacer la encuesta en español, haz click aquí.

Reblog if you’re gay, ply, pan or non-straight, and love your bi siblings.

Show bi people that they’re loved and wanted in the community too.

I’m bisexual, but it doesn’t means I automatically want to sleep with everyone.@threesome

I’m bisexual, I’m pansexual, I’m homosexual, I’m asexual, I’m demisexual, I’m LGBT people. How about you?

LGBT PRIDE MONTH, lgbt pride, bisexual pride, bisexual women pride!

June is national lgbt month, it’s for all lgbt+ community, as well as who support LGBT, no matter you are gay, lesbian, bisexual women, bisexual men, trans, pansexual, asexual, queer, and other lgbtqia+, we are pride!@bisexual threesome dating 

Trump is not celebrating June as “LGBT Pride Month”, but we will celebrate ourselves, because we are all LGBT and we are all SUPPORT LGBT COMMUNITY.